What is the white staining on my galvanizing?

When galvanized steel sections are stacked together and stored outside there is a risk of excessive layers of zinc carbonates being formed due to rainfall being trapped between surfaces. This is known as wet storage stain or white rust and can easily be removed with a wire brush. At Highland we use a passivator to help prevent this which usually provides around 6-8 weeks protection. The staining does not affect the corrosion performance of the coating and will rectify itself overtime once the material has been installed.

How can I clean my Colourgalv coating?

Colourgalv is relatively simple to clean, all that is required is a bucket of hot soapy water, a cloth or sponge, and a little bit of effort. Harsh chemical cleaners and abrasive cloths should be avoided as this could affect the finished gloss levels.

Can I repair a scratch in my Colourgalv coating?

Colour matching sprays are available from Highland for such eventualities. For best results ensure the area is clean and gently rub down with some fine grade sandpaper. Apply the spray in fine layers ensuring plenty of drying time between applications.