What information do you need from me?

To enable us to proceed with your order we need to know what material you wish coated and when you need it to be ready? If it is your first time using our services we will also need some contact details. To make it easier we have created an order form which you can download and print off.  DOCUMENT YOUR MATERIAL AND BOOKING IN FORM   

How much will it cost?

To get an estimate of costs, give us a call or use our handy Galvanizing Calculator to get an idea of costings.  

What colours can I choose from?

We have around 15 standard colours which you can view on the Colourgalv or Colourcoat tabs. We keep these colours in stock as they are the most popular. In addition to this we also have a number RAL and BS colours that we hold. If you are looking for a colour that is not in our standard selection please give us a call to see if we have what you are looking for. If you can't find the right colour from a chart we are also able to provide a bespoke colour match service through our powder manufacturing partners.

Are you able to coat in a variety of powder finishes?

Yes, we have a range of both metallic and textured finishes that can make a real difference to the look of an item. If you want to have a look and feel then please drop into the office ask to see some samples. If you are not local please give us a call and we can arrange to post some sample panels out to you.

Can you deliver materials direct to site?

Yes, we can pick up material from your fabrication shop and once it has been processed arrange delivery to a different location. This may incur additional charges depending on the location. Please bear in mind that our standard delivery method is by articulated lorry which will require adequate access room and a method of unloading the materials, usually fork lift truck or crane.

Can you arrange a Hiab for difficult lifts or awkward sites?

Yes, Cumbernauld has a full time contracted Hiab that can be pre-booked for special deliveries. To arrange please contact Linda at the Cumbernauld office.

How do I arrange to get material picked up?

Just phone the office tell us where you are and what you've got and we will arrange the rest. If you are located within easy reach of a weekly transport run we will tell you what day it will be picked up and dropped back. If we have don't any transport in the area we can arrange transport to suit through our transport partner.

What do you charge for transport?

The standard charge for transport is £46 single/£92 return. A return trip entails material being picked on one day and being returned on a subsequent day.

If I decide to use my own transport when can I drop off and pick up?

Drop offs and collections are available Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. Outwith these hours please contact us in advance and we will let you know if this is possible. Customers paying on a proforma basis would need to arrange payment beforehand if they wish to pick up outwith standard office hours.